Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages. Parrot currently hosts a variety of language implementations in various stages of completion, including Tcl, Javascript, Ruby, Lua, Scheme, PHP, Python, Perl 6, APL, and a .NET bytecode translator. Parrot is not about parrots, though we are rather fond of them for obvious reasons.

Winxed 1.0.0

Winxed 1.0.0, first version with version number, is out.

Now that winxed is bundled with parrot and the new parrot supported release is about to launch, is time to have a way to check the version used and get information about it.

Unless some serious bug appears, 1.0.0 will be bundled with the next parrot stable release. Eventual bugfix releases will be numbered 1.0.x

In the git repository the tag for this release is RELEASE_1_0_0. Next releases will follow the same schema.

The new command line option --version gives the current version number.

The NQR and GSL Projects

NQR stands for 'Not Quite R'

GSL stands for the GNU Scientific Library, and I hope to provide at least some low-level bindings for Parrot.

See for more information.

corellaScript : git push

hmm.. that was a long delay in blog posts , but I'm glad to inform that corella has started flying , I mean producing output in PIR . though broken in many places but it has started and is getting updated every hour now .
I am planning to have a meeting with coke about the so far delayed test-suite as I'm really feeling the need of that.

As far as object system is concerned, I had meeting with coke few days ago and they will be in code before the end of mid term evaluation.

Parrot-GMP: VTABLE Overrides complete

This week I finished implementing VTABLE overrides for Parrot-GMP. This allows us to do things like x = y + z where x, y, and z are all GMP Integer objects. I also have a test suite to ensure that these overrides work. It's not very glamorous work but it's a nice layer of sugar and makes sure that Parrot-GMP plays nice with others.

GSOC 7: What is newPOST?

I want to talk about what I need to do over the next couple weeks, and in order to do that, I'm going to start with a description of the system I'm working on. This was originally a much longer post, but I accidentally overwrote my first draft with something else. This is probably good since the first one read more like a reference manual.

Load Source and Testing and Build Errors...Oh My!

Nothing too spectacular went on this past week. It mostly consisted of typical technical work. If I had to pick one thing that was significant, it would be that I was able to eliminate all build warnings/errors in gcc and g++. Eliminating those warnings was incredibly irritating and honestly, I don't really know how I fixed it. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I do know how I fixed it but what I don't understand is why the first method didn't work in the first place but this one does. Oh works.

Parrot-GMP: Random Numbers, Distutils, Plumage, VTABLE overrides

This week many Parrot-teers and Perl hackers (and many of my co-workers) were at YAPC::NA. I originally planned on attending but my car broke down earlier this summer and I had to pay for repairs. While there dukeleto++ (my GSoC mentor) and colomon++ both asked how to install Parrot-GMP. I had been so focused on getting the guts and the test suite together that I had completely neglected my README and had no way of automating an install.

GSoC 6: Unexpected YAPC

So, when I was making my schedule, I didn't know about YAPC. But I made plans, grabbed a friend, and went. Met lots of cool people. But I just now got home from a 16 hour drive so both the blog post about YAPC and the blog post about PAST, POST, and newPOST will have to be delayed until after I catch up on some missing sleep.

Battery Low, No Time for Title

I must be brief again as 1) I am using my laptop which has a terrible battery and 2) I am writing from the car and this is making me carsick. :-C~

This past week was a little bitter sweet. Bitter because I did not have much time for GSoC work but sweet because I was at YAPC::NA with some of the other Parrot developers. As much as I would like to talk about YAPC (which was awesome sauce), I must limit myself to GSoC-only topics.

Parrot at YAPC::NA::2011, Asheville NC

There is no substitute for face-to-face contact.

Salespeople have to meet their customers in person. Marketing alone will never suffice.

Politicians have to press the flesh. Television ads will never suffice.

Open-source software projects' developers have to meet F2F. IRC will never suffice.

That's the main lesson I draw from YAPC::NA::2011, just concluded in Asheville, North Carolina.

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