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The End.

This is a summary

The soft deadline has passed and the hard deadline is not far away. Soon, what is likely to be my last GSoC will be over. And it was great! These three years I've had the summer job of my dreams. I worked on projects I was passionate about, using tools I liked and with people I liked.

Delays ...

I've been doing a lot less work than I had planned to. It's mostly my own fault, but such is life.

Basically, I ran out of money. Uni ended late, GSoC started early and the GSoC midterm was late this year. I had to borrow some and get a temporary full-time job for a couple of weeks. Now I have a part-time job (2 days a week), and I have the rest of the time free for GSoC work.

But not all is lost! Here's some puffins to make us all feel better:

Compiler work

Puffin pair

Double puffin this week! And that's to (partly) make up for my short 3 day vacation to Scotland, starting tomorrow.


More objects.

Puffin staring

Isn't the puffin just great? Hopefully he'll be enough to distract you from the rest of the post.

1+2. And objects!

Finally done with exams, yesterday was my last. Ever, hopefully. So I had time to do some work. You can find it at either or I pull from bitbucket, but push to both.

Starting, sort of

Sadly, exams have proven to take up more time than expected. Today's exam was ok, easier than I expected. Also easier than previous exams from this lecturer. At least my last exam is on Wednesday, so after that I'm free.

I have however managed to do some investigative work.


Sorry I'm late. I'll put my coat and hat away and be right with you.

Here's a puffin while you wait puffin

I'm Lucian, and I like Python and Parrot.

I was lucky to be accepted for GSoC, doing Python3 on Parrot. Here's my proposal. There's a schedule in there and explanation of what I plan to do.

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