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Parrot Documentation Revision Effort (Blog trois)

This blog is to announce the completion of placing all of Parrot's documentation on 'parrot.github.com'. The documentation ranges from the present version (i.e., v3.11.0) to Parrot's release v0.0.6(0)[1]. To view the documentation, please navigate your preferred browser to http://parrot.github.com and select (or click) the "Parrot Documentation Releases (3.10.0 - 0.1.1)" link.

Thank you.


Parrot Documentation Revision Effort (Blog deux)

All and Everyone:

Parrot's current set of documentation is now up on github. Hopefully, this will aid in the documentation revision effort.

To view the html documents, simply navigate your favorite browser to http://parrot.github.com. To edit the documentation, simply navigate your browser to https://github.com/parrot/parrot.github.com, clone the repo, and make your edits (or provide a pull request).

Thank you.


Parrot Documentation Revision Effort (Blog un)

Finally! I have managed to find enough time -- in the wee hours of the morning no less -- and a stable current of electricity -- meaning the power company has finished its little poll-replacement project -- to push a new 'documentation_revisions' branch to the parrot repo. This is the branch from which anyone involved with the documentation revision effort will work. Hopefully, that is, if I've gotten everything correct. (I make no pretensions here to knowing or to understanding, well, how git works.

Parrot for Dummies (which means me! :-)

This is just a quick, first blog post to ensure everything is working correctly.



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