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Security API Update.

Working on flags and permissions this past weekend in security api. Slow and steady progress. In terms of the timeline I am behind, but I am making every effort to get back on track. Monday should be an interesting day to show this past weekends progress.

Progress report

I have been working on the api.c file that handles the functions for the security. Revising and editing functions with the help of Whiteknight and Dukeleto. Right now I am allocating, initializing and freeing memory for the functions as well as integrating the api.c and utility.c files I am working on into root.in. I expect to get much done this week in terms of the api.

Small Progress in Security Sandbox

Started the project off with a small problem. Parrot refused to build correctly on my windows machine. In the end I replaced it with Ubuntu to prevent falling behind further in my projected time line and have made little progress. It seems the biggest problem with developing the core for me is Parrots internals and fully understanding them. Whiteknight has been patient and giving guidance. I plan on submitting a small list of what exactly I am having problems with hopefully sometime today so I can prevent further snags. I welcome any and all advice.

GSOC: Introduction

Parrot Foundation,

Good day Parrot! A few people have already met me through chat, but for those who haven't, my name is Justin Harper. I am a Junior in the Electrical Engineering Department at Temple University in Philadelphia and am very excited to be apart of this team.

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