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Guitor Hero

I've created a new project: Guitor, a GUI creaTOR module written in winxed using Xlib via NCI.

It's not much feature complete yet, but has enough funcionality to provide some nice examples, including a viewer for R->R functions and a drawing board.

I've tested only in linux amd64 and i386, so the StructView used may be not appropiate in some platforms, feedback will be appreciated.

Install: winxed setup.winxed install

Run an example: winxed examples/pizarra.winxed


strings, encodings, and NCI

With the recent addition of the as_string method to UnManagedStruct and Ptr PMCs (see my last post) and the get_pointer vtable in ByteBuffer now is easier to pass and get strings from NCI (parrot Native Calll Interface).

To pass a string to a NCI 'p' parameter you just need to create a ByteBuffer and set the string to it, maybe after trans_encoding it, and add the zero-termination required in most usages by pushing a 0 value. ByteBuffer takes care of memory management.

We need a better way to get strings from NCI

The last refactor of the NCI subsystem got rid of the 't' type used to pass C strings. This gives us more flexibility but doesn't solve all problems.

Take for example Mysql: we can specify the character set used for the connection with the database, and sometimes we can't use the current locale. We may want to read a table that contains unicode characters out of the range compatible with latin-1 without loses, while using latin-1 locale.

Winxed 1.0.0

Winxed 1.0.0, first version with version number, is out.

Now that winxed is bundled with parrot and the new parrot supported release is about to launch, is time to have a way to check the version used and get information about it.

Unless some serious bug appears, 1.0.0 will be bundled with the next parrot stable release. Eventual bugfix releases will be numbered 1.0.x

In the git repository the tag for this release is RELEASE_1_0_0. Next releases will follow the same schema.

The new command line option --version gives the current version number.

Migrated winxed to github

I've just migrated the Winxed repository.

Old url:

New url:

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