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Funny behavior in a squaak 'for' loop

This may seem like an unusual blog post: why not a post to parrot-dev? Well, I've struggled the past few weeks as a newbie, largely with language syntax. But this problem is different: this is an interesting problem, one that I think shows that language/compiler design is more than just mastering basic language syntax and getting something to run approximately.

For readers unfamiliar with squaak, I think it is a teaching tool, not a finished high-level language (HLL) that would likely be used to get some job done.

vector design decision and baby steps...

Based on conversations yesterday with whiteknight, dukeleto, Notfound, bubaflub, sorear, cotto_work, soh_cah_toa, and others, I've decided that my initial design will use Resizable*Array for everything (even vectors of length 1). And for now, I'll support Integer, Float, and String. For reasons relating to the R language, I'll want my own logical (Boolean) using integers, but I'm not going there, yet.

The NQR and GSL Projects

NQR stands for 'Not Quite R'

GSL stands for the GNU Scientific Library, and I hope to provide at least some low-level bindings for Parrot.

See https://github.com/NQRCore for more information.

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