GSoC starts today

As you may or may not know, I'm tasked with implementing mod_parrot during this years' edition of google summer of code. So in preparation, I have researched the wealth of information that is the internet, and have found the following peculiar little tool:

Which stands for the apache extension tool, and which can - among other things - generate, compile, and install entire modules. I originally planned to take two weeks to do that very thing.

GSOC: Introduction

Parrot Foundation,

Good day Parrot! A few people have already met me through chat, but for those who haven't, my name is Justin Harper. I am a Junior in the Electrical Engineering Department at Temple University in Philadelphia and am very excited to be apart of this team.

GSoC: Here We Go Again

My proposal for Google's Summer of Code 2012 has been accepted!

LAPACK bindings for Parrot-Linear-Algebra

LAPACK bindings for Parrot-Linear-Algebra so as to provide an interface for the basic linear algebra functions.In modern treatments of linear algebra, matrices are considered first. Matrices provide a theoretically and practically useful way of approaching many types of problems including: solution of systems of linear equations,graph theory, theory of games, computer graphics,data compression,etc.

Hello Parrot

Hello everybody,
Let me introduce myself. I'm Bart Wiegmans, brrt on irc, and I will be implementing a new mod_parrot this summer, courtesy of google and whiteknight. Which will make it possible to serve parrot-powered web applications once again.

So, who am I? I'm 24 years old and I study biology in Groningen, the Netherlands where I live together with my girlfriend. Aside from that, I work as a programmer for As for hobbies, I play mario kart and pikmin. I used to say I had four pet rats, but unfortunately one of them died just Last weekend.

Parrot Documentation Revision Effort (Blog trois)

This blog is to announce the completion of placing all of Parrot's documentation on ''. The documentation ranges from the present version (i.e., v3.11.0) to Parrot's release v0.0.6(0)[1]. To view the documentation, please navigate your preferred browser to and select (or click) the "Parrot Documentation Releases (3.10.0 - 0.1.1)" link.

Thank you.


Guitor Hero

I've created a new project: Guitor, a GUI creaTOR module written in winxed using Xlib via NCI.

It's not much feature complete yet, but has enough funcionality to provide some nice examples, including a viewer for R->R functions and a drawing board.

I've tested only in linux amd64 and i386, so the StructView used may be not appropiate in some platforms, feedback will be appreciated.

Install: winxed setup.winxed install

Run an example: winxed examples/pizarra.winxed


Parrot Documentation Revision Effort (Blog deux)

All and Everyone:

Parrot's current set of documentation is now up on github. Hopefully, this will aid in the documentation revision effort.

To view the html documents, simply navigate your favorite browser to To edit the documentation, simply navigate your browser to, clone the repo, and make your edits (or provide a pull request).

Thank you.


PACT - Disassembler

The first step in generating a packfile is understanding the packfile. So I've been writing a Winxed disassembler. It's pretty fully featured at this point. It's showing constants, annotations, and symbolic instructions. Despite my fears, it turned out that PCC wasn't all that difficult to deal with.

Parrot Documentation Revision Effort (Blog un)

Finally! I have managed to find enough time -- in the wee hours of the morning no less -- and a stable current of electricity -- meaning the power company has finished its little poll-replacement project -- to push a new 'documentation_revisions' branch to the parrot repo. This is the branch from which anyone involved with the documentation revision effort will work. Hopefully, that is, if I've gotten everything correct. (I make no pretensions here to knowing or to understanding, well, how git works.

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