corellaScript : Arrays

After missing action from some time, Corella is rising again . Right now Corella is not able to compile itself which was intended to but I'm trying to cover as much as possible and will give my best in this week. Corella's object system ("Corella-System") is ready and working.

Worked on arrays today and now corella is having support for arrays and even multi dimentional arrays as given in the ecmaScript.


var arr = []

results in

.HLL "corella"
.include "corella_system.pir"
.sub 'main' :main
$P0 =  new 'jsArray'
set_global 'arr', $P0

Corella_system.pir loads the types and functions available in corella.

complete post about arrays is here CorellaScript :Arrays

Things I'll be working on this week

function scope
1) closure feature
2) self executing anonymous functions( most important)
3) tying up loose ends.