GSOC NCI Updates

The NCI updates using the libffi are coming along. I ran into a bit of an annoyance when I found out that there are places internally where signatures are not specified for some functions, but luckily it was easy to remedy once I had figured out the problem. All of those cases used the same signature ("vJP"), it was only hard to find the right place to add that.

Fixing this issue finally let me build up to miniparrot in the build process and I am not dispatching certain internal functions with libffi. That means, at least internally with a limited set of signatures, I am parsing the signature properly and producing a proper libffi call frame from the signature as well as invoking the call frame and getting the results back.

PGE is not building properly, so I have to track down this issue, but I should be able to get this last part figured out and then I can start on the llvm based stack frame builder.

John Harrison