GSoc progress report

Got the nqp/t/qregex tests to pass.
It would be a good idead for me to document how the rules engines of the MoarVM, Parrot, JVM and JavaScript backends work.
They are pretty similiar as it's basically the translation of the same code.
Unfortunately some things get cargo culted.
Like parrot registers names ending up in MoarVM code.

This means the rules engines implementation is resonably sane.
Incorrect test description caused a lot of confusion.

Had the backend working previously so once hooked it was almost working.
Had to rid of the last pir:: op.
Fixed a multi problem.
Put a nqp-runtime dir in node_modules.

Some bugs got found by running the NQP code.
Like $match not returning NQPMu.
Fixed those.

nqp::say("Hello World") now works in a standalone NQP (NQP which is compiled to JavaScript )

Need serialization to get the setting to work.
Currently only have deserialization on the JavaScript side.
It's the only big piece missing.
Once we get the setting working the rest should be bugs.
The rest should be bugs.
And some new IO tests which recently got added.
They IO tests are for features which Rakudo uses.
Working on it right now.