Pacific Northwest Developers Gathering, Portland OR, Oct 16 2010: Agenda

As the first of what will be multiple blog posts or posting to parrot-dev about this gathering, I am posting below the agenda I composed:

Agenda for Pacific Northwest Parrot Developers Gathering
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Lucky Labrador Brewing
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214

Part One, 1100-1300.
Questions for Current Parrot Developers

Part One has two sub-parts. In each sub-part, we will begin by asking you to silently consider a list of questions for five minutes. We will then go around the room and each of us will answer any combination of the questions you are comfortable with. No interruptions, please, until each of us had the opportunity to speak to the questions.

To reduce distractions, please close your laptops and turn off your cellphones and other electronic devices during this exercise.

Sub-part A: Project as People

  • What drew you to the Parrot project in the first place?
  • What do you think are the major strengths (intellectual, technological, personal) that you bring to the Parrot project?
  • Are there areas where you feel you have deficits with respect to the Parrot project?
  • Assess the amount of time and energy you currently have available to devote to the Parrot project. If you had a major disruption in your life (e.g., marriage, birth of children, death in family, change in employment), would you be able to adjust that time and energy and continue contributing to the project to some degree?

Sub-part B: Project as Product

  • What hopes do you have for the future development and use of the Parrot virtual machine?
  • What are the biggest obstacles -- technological or social -- Parrot faces over the long-run (5 years)? Over the medium-run (1 year)?
  • Based on the self-assessment you made in Sub-part A (i.e., your strengths, deficits, time, energy), how do you think you can best contribute to Parrot overcoming at least its medium-run obstacles?

Part Two, 1300-1500.

Part Two is much more freeform than Part One. What we do will be determined largely by the course the discussion takes in Part One and by who other than current Parrot developers shows up for Part Two. Our top priority should be to meet, greet and try to understand the interests and concerns of potential new Parrot users. The next priority should be to discuss, and begin to implement, plans for dealing with the short- and medium-term obstacles discussed in Part One.

End of Agenda.

The Gathering was actually called into session at 1130, by which point core developers kid51, allison, cotto, chromatic and dukeleto had arrived. Newcomer Parry was also in attendance. The structured discussion indicated in Part One of the Agenda above took from 1130 to 1230. At that point, general discussion ensued which took us up to 1400. Newcomers Brian and Lissa joined us then, as did current developer brianwisti. General hacking and discussion then took the balance of the afternoon.