Pacific Northwest Parrot Developers Gathering: Summary

Summary of Pacific Northwest Parrot Developers Gathering
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon

Part One Discussion
Please see the list of discussion questions posted here.

Following individual participants' responses, a general discussion took place. Main discussion threads included:

    Lorito: cotto, dukeleto and chromatic went thru the Lorito roadmap. duke: There exist on github two reference implementations of Lorito. cotto: They are examples/prototypes; will never be merged into trunk. c: Doing Lorito in a parallel fashion means we can experiment with and verify pieces of Lorito in smaller steps while maintaining main line of Parrot. What works in Lorito can be developed and merged iteratively: no big thud. We are not starting over. We will bring over pieces of Lorito as we go. cotto: Recommendation is now to use Pirate as the final PIR compiler rather than IMCC or PIRC.

  • Git migration: Implementation items discussed between dukeleto and cotto.
  • Parrot teams: cotto developing wiki page.
  • Cage cleaning: kid51 poked on more than a dozen tickets.
  • Maintaning multiple Parrot installations: brianwisti began work on a tool for this (see this github site.
  • Fixing GC bugs in preparation for 2.9 release: chromatic.
  • Conversations with Slate/Atomo developer: allison. Slate has multimethod dispatch procedure which is interesting because high-performance for the simple cases, only shiny features incur cost.
  • OpenGL: allison and Parry diagnosed configure warning and posted TT #1831. OpenGL libraries have changed since Parrot config step auto::opengl was introduced.

Note that this meeting was not intended to substitute for a Parrot Developers Summit, nor was it intended to be a substitute for our weekly IRC #parrotsketch meeting. We will bring ideas developed at the Gathering to this context.