PACT: Infrastructure

Oh, right. Weekly blog posts. benabik-- In the same style as last year, I'm going to include what I said I'd do and what I have done.

May 30 Improvements to Key PMC: Creation/introspection of keys with register contents. This both a useful improvement to Parrot on its own and useful for later portions of this project.

whiteknight++ mostly beat me to this, although I did have to add a single function to get the type of the data in the key. I then used the new functions to handle outputting Keys from disasm.winxed.

June 6 Build infrastructure: Create a framework that will compile the library to PBC, build documentation, and run unit tests.

Starting from Rosella's setup.winxed, I built a similar one for PACT. It's fairly simple now, but I know how to expand it as PACT gains files. I'm not sure how to build the documentation though, since I don't know how to compile Markdown in a cross-platform way.

June 13 Basic Classes: The classes that represent the packfile. Write documentation and code.

I had a houseguest come by that I wasn't expecting and I had to do a pile of things around the house, like assemble a crib. So I don't have code to show off right now. But I do have a plan, so the next couple days should be very productive.