Parrot-GMP: Almost done

It's been a while since I've posted - real life has been crazy with moving and setting up and finals. That's my fault because I didn't take into account the fact that I would be moving nor my finals being right around the time GSoC would be ending. The good news is that I've moved and setup my place (hooray for having my own office) and my classes are done - I've written the last research paper and taken my last final for my masters.

Also, the good news is is that Parrot-GMP is essentially complete. While I could still improve the docs and provide more examples of how to use it, there is plenty there. I've also figured out where I am suppose to install the NCI thunks and the setup script now handles that as well. I've met all of my goals for the project - quoth the proposal: "Deliverables: All GMP integer functions mapped through NCI, convenience functions, docs, examples, and 100% test coverage that can be merged with Parrot when the project is complete".

What's next? Well, I'd like to fill out the documentation and examples, refactor the test suite, refactor the scripts that I used to generate the bindings so that they can be useful for others, include the Decimal and Rational functions, and eventually get Parrot-GMP included with Parrot itself (cause hey, why not?). Maybe after that it will be useful to Rakudo people for their numerics libraries.