Preparing for January Parrot Developers Summit

Next weekend we'll be conducting our quarterly Parrot Developers Summit. This summit is important because it will set our roadmap goals for supported releases in April, July, October and January 2012. In preparation for this summit, this weekend I'll be speaking with other Parrot Foundation directors and with the Project Architect. These are the kind of questions I'll be asking (and which I expect them to ask of me):

  1. How do you assess the general state of the Parrot project at this time?
  2. How do you feel about your own participation in the Parrot project at this time?
  3. Within the last four months you assumed the role of Parrot __________. How has that changed your participation in the project? How would you characterize your functioning in that role?
  4. In my blog posts, I have argued that the project needs self-identified teams and that its roadmap goals should exclude any that are not being pursued by such teams. Do you agree with this argument?
  5. Assuming you agree with the argument, what teams now exist within the project?
  6. Assuming you agree with the argument, what should be our roadmap goals for 3.3, 3.6, 3.9 and 4.0? Who are on the teams that will pursue those goals? Who leads those teams?
  7. To the extent that you do not agree with the argument, what alternative ways of organizing the project should we pursue?
  8. How do we encourage the participation of people in the Parrot project if their primary interests or talents are not the roadmap goals?