Update on infrastructure

All things considered mod_parrot is a little less than a 1000 lines long. About half of that is infrastructure (building, testing). For that, it now buys you the ability to configure, start and stop a mock apache server via the pudding framework (testing is influx right now... Karma for whoever can guess why its called pudding.). Not only that, I can attach gdb to the same, also via pudding.

Make has also been cleaned up, and whats more, we have our very first configuration option! ParrotLoaderPath specifies where the loader bytecodes are positioned. Loaders are needed to actually transfer control to a script, so mod_parrot needs to find them. If none is set, it tries to find the loaders in the apache module installation directory.

NotFound made an awesome little tool in winxed, called hinxed, that evaluates winxed code inline in a php-ish fashion. I'm hoping to extend this tool to a full-fledged loader, capable of loading multiple languages. Now that the testing system is there, the door is now open for making some real progess in features.