How to Get Involved

Discussion about Parrot development normally takes place in two places:

  1. The parrot-dev mailing list:

    Subscribe to the list through the web interface, or go to the Google Group for a searchable archive and RSS/Atom feed.

  2. And on IRC in #parrot at

There is documentation in the docs subdirectory of the Parrot source from the latest release.

We keep all our todos/bugs in Trac, and there are notes on how to keep parrot's cage clean. There's a list of queries you can run against the ticketing system to find tickets to work on.

Patches are welcome. See the patch FAQ for details.

View and manipulate bugs and TODO items at the Parrot bugs page.

To report a bug in this website, submit a new ticket through the online ticket submission. If you'd like to volunteer to help maintain this website (by updating existing pages or adding new content), contact us on the developer's mailing list parrot-dev (at) lists (dot) parrot (dot) org and we'll help you get started.