Operating systems with Parrot-RPMs

For operating systems that handle the installed software with RPMs there exist parrot packages. Parrot-RPMs are available for the Linux distributions Fedora, Mandriva and SUSE.

Fedora starts the Parrot integration with Fedora 9 and Parrot 1.0. On current Fedora versions the Parrot-software can be chosen during the installation process. On the command line parrot can be installed with the yum tool:

    # yum install parrot parrot-devel parrot-tools parrot-doc

Parrot is available in Mandriva, and can be installed with the urpmi tool:

    # urpmi parrot parrot-doc parrot-devel parrot-src

openSUSE 11.2 was the first SUSE release that contained parrot. It can be installed with:

    # zypper in parrot-devel parrot-docs

Parrot packages are available on OBS.