Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a channel for interested companies to participate in the work of the Parrot Foundation. Membership is offered to a select group of companies who can offer a unique perspective and experience on the current and future applications of the Parrot virtual machine and related tools, libraries, extensions, and language implementations.

Parrot Foundation directors and/or core Parrot developers will meet with the Advisory Board company representative and developers periodically (at least once per year), to share the progress in the development of the project, and solicit feedback on what features might have the greatest relevance for the development plans of the company. This feedback is the most valuable part of the Advisory Board for the Parrot project, helping us to focus our development efforts in areas likely to have the most significant impact. The designated representative holding the Advisory Board seat will also be subscribed to the mailing list, where they can participate in year-round conversations.

Advisory Board seats are a sponsored membership program. Prior to the 1.0 production release, Advisory Board membership is offered at US $5,000 per seat, per year. After the 1.0 release, active Advisory Board members will recommend an ongoing policy for membership rates to the Board of Directors of the Parrot Foundation.

The Advisory Board membership dues go to fund accelerated development for the virtual machine and languages, some travel expenses for the Parrot Developer Summits (for core developers who would otherwise be unable to attend), and general operations of the Parrot Foundation.

Current Advisory Board

  • Jeff Hobbs, ActiveState
  • Curtis Poe, BBC