GSoC weekly report

Another slow week, with much work being blocked by a simple bug that I am debugging with the help of the several people now (Details below). The uncompleted objectives of this week would mean that I would need to reschedule some of my future efforts. I tried to schedule my project as best as I can with previous knowledge, but its hard to predict the problems that will come up. I am reminded of this blog post, where optimism in scheduling a project is cautioned against. Keep an eye on this gist to see an updated schedule that will try to maintain project objectives with a better idea of how things will proceed.

Moving on, the work completed this week include lots of datatype updates with more of them on the way. These updates reflect the changes in libgit2 from version 0.15 to 0.19, of which there has been a large number upstream. After the NCI update, this will work well in getting the example programs to run on top of parrot-libgit2. There is also a basic config parser in C done, which for the moment just needs to parse one libgit2 build setting and writes it to a file for parrot-libgit2 to read.

Coming to the bug blocking some of the work, it is a backtrace that is generated while running some tests. There is some discussion in the #parrot logs that will give more context. If you need to reproduce it, please work on the structview branch that I have pushed out and run t/winxed/001_load.t with winxed. The issue seems to be related to the number of elements in a StructView, but changing them hasn't been helpful. Initializers in parrot is supposed to be taken care of by winxed itself, so I may need to go and fix something in winxed. Bruce is trying to reproduce the error, and I hope to be past this as soon as possible.

Of course, the most exciting thing people are waiting for would be docs about how to build something on parrot-libgit2. Unfortunately you'll have to wait a little more, but things are on their way!