Parrot-libgit2 report

This report comes rather late, so let me give an overview of what's been happening.
The last report talked about an unified buildsystem. Since then the project has made a little progress. There were bugs in the unified buildsystem which meant that that the pir file which was generated from the nci file was stale at best, representing older versions of libgit2. This made a lot of work go down the drain, as a lot of my debugging was aimed at sending the correct datastructures. However this was a good step in finding my mistakes and moving ahead.

The project gets more and more complicated as we move ahead, because of the need to run gdb on libgit2 just to check if correct datastructures were sent from parrot to libgit2. This seems rather hacky but I am yet to find a better method. This makes it seem a trial/error process to find whether I have managed to correct the datastructures passed.

Still progress is made. Many repository and index functions can now be called correctly. These are being moved to their own respective classes now, to finally create an API.

The API will be similar to how pygit2 creates it, having similar functions. Of course many of these things don't work reliably yet, so I am still reluctant to do spend much time here until I ensure correctness of all underlying operations, which I'm still having a hard time with.

Eyes are very welcome at this point, please clone the repository, switch to structview branch and run the tests, and ping me(sa1) on #parrot.