parrot-libgit2 weekly report: Indexes and Repositories

This was a rather slow week in terms of work done. The work done this week started out with merging the nciupdate branch with master. Having PMC's as default fallbacks for unparseable arguments made the nci defs much more accurate. Of course tests are still needed, and some flaws would come forward as other work builds upon that work.
Then the next part involved cleaning out some more cruft from the old project. This included redundant entries in .gitmodules, duplicated directories and some other makefile work.
These commits are public in the parrot-libgit2 repo.
The focus of the week was on getting in place code so that example programs can work with repositories and indexes in git. This work is still ongoing at the end of the week and will continue into this week. The first task is to get a program like this to run. This work required updating structs in the parrot-libgit2 that have been updated upstream. Most of this was a straightforward job, but there were portability issues due to libgit2 datatypes depending upon platform with the use of #ifdef. This would require a new config probe written in C that can detect such types and pass on the data to parrot-libgit2. This is what I'm currently working on.
There is some success in opening git repositories but work on indexes is still cooking at the moment. Once this is done, I hope to write some documentation on how to use it and tests. I am anticipating issues with tests because of open issues in Rosella. Any help there will be highly appreciated.