Parrot Foundation Announces Accepted Students in Google Summer of Code™ Program

Seattle, WA — April 26, 2010  Parrot Foundation is pleased to announce the acceptance of five student proposals for projects relating to the Parrot Virtual Machine in the 2010 Google Summer of Code program. Once again, Parrot Foundation is collaborating with The Perl Foundation to mentor students participating in Google Summer of Code.

"We're quite happy to build on last year's program successes by taking on additional students this year, and are grateful to Google for the opportunity they have given us to strengthen our community of open-source contributors and enhance our software ecosystem", says Jerry Gay, Parrot Foundation president.  Last year's student project, adding an external large number library to the Parrot Virtual Machine, has benefited the Parrot community.

This year the Parrot community looks forward to mentoring students whose projects are related to compiler optimization, concurrency, strings and unicode, compiler instrumentation, and Parrot's native call interface.

Those interested in learning more about this year's Google Summer of Code projects for Parrot Foundation should watch for program announcements and updates from participating students and mentors on the Parrot blog.