Who's Who

  • Will Coleda is the project manager, and Vice President of the Foundation, and has worked on a variety of languages targeting Parrot.
  • Jerry Gay is President of the Foundation, hacks on perl6 and PGE, and looks after the test suite.
  • Patrick Michaud is the author of PGE, the Parrot/Perl 6 Grammar engine. He's also the Perl 6 compiler pumpking.
  • Allison Randal is the current Parrot architect and Chairman of the Foundation. She spends most of her time hacking on the C core.


These individuals contributed a great deal, but are no longer serving in their former capacities:

  • Simon Cozens: former Parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.1 through 0.0.4).
  • Steve Fink was the parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.9 through 0.0.12).
  • Jeff Goff: former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.5 to 0.0.8).
  • Chip Salzenberg former Parrot pumpking and former Parrot architect.
  • Dan Sugalski: former Parrot architect.
  • Leopold Tötsch Leo was the pumpking for releases 0.0.13 - 0.4.5, and for some time was a larger contributor.
  • chromatic: former core developer and coach