User Contributed Docs

This wiki has proven to be less than useful. It's great as user contributed pages (open to anyone with an account), but terrible as a wiki. The new wiki is:

Create an account on the site for access to add or edit these scratch pages.

There is a also a wikibook.

PIR Info

PIR is the Parrot Intermediate Representation, used for writing language compilers. Information about PIR can be found at the following links:

Recent Changes?

Does this wiki have a "Recent Changes" page or an RSS feed so that we can quickly see what pages have changed?


page history?

Is there a way to see the version history of a page, and compare versions? I'm surprised not to find this, a usual and I am used to thinking a defining feature of wikis, allowing changes to be made and reverted, safely knowing no change is irretrievable.

tinymce editor

I recommend adding the TinyMCE rich-text editor for editing wiki pages. It would save having to type out the HTML.