Packages & Source Code


Parrot releases are collected into tarballs and are available for download. The "supported" releases are intended for users, while the "developer" releases are intended for those involved in developing Parrot. The most recent supported and developer releases are available at:


As a convenience, some volunteers have provided packages or ports of parrot for some platforms. Because we do not directly package Parrot for all OSs, some packages may not be current. If you would like the latest Parrot, we recommend building from git or a release tarball.

Version Control


Our git repository lives at github.

To check out a local clone, use:

  git clone git:// parrot

Git clients are available for most operating systems. For the git source code, visit the git - Fast Version Control System project home. If you use windows, try TortoiseGit. Binary packages are also available for most operating systems.

If you are a committer, you will use your github credentials.


Commit Mailing List

If you'd like to get an email whenever something gets committed to the repository, subscribe through the web interface. The list is archived at


To download languages built on parrot, see the Languages list on trac