Parrot Foundation Announces Accepted Students in Google Summer of Code™ Program

Seattle, WA — April 26, 2010  Parrot Foundation is pleased to announce the acceptance of five student proposals for projects relating to the Parrot Virtual Machine in the 2010 Google Summer of Code program.


mod_parrot is an Apache module that exposes the Apache API to a Parrot virtual machine interpreter. This allows one to write custom Apache handlers in PIR or one of many high level languages (HLL) that target Parrot. Additionally, mod_parrot provides a persistent environment for these handlers to run, which can result in a significant performance increase for CGI scripts. mod_parrot is the foundation for the development of mod_perl6.


  • Expose the Apache API and data structures to Parrot
  • Provide a common Apache layer for HLLs

Parrot Grant from NLNet


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