Talks & Papers

  • Lua on Parrot by François Perrad (French Perl Workshop 2007 - Lyon) : [PDF]
  • Roadmap to 1.0 by Will Coleda (YAPC::NA 2007 - Houston) : [html] (with resize)
  • Perl 6 Compiler Status by Patrick R. Michaud (YAPC::NA 2007 - Houston) : [html]
  • Parrot Compiler Tools by Patrick R. Michaud (YAPC::NA 2007 - Houston) : [html]
  • Component-Focused Testing: The Case of the Parrot Build Tools by James E Keenan (YAPC::NA 2007 - Houston) : [tarball]
  • Cardinal: A Behind the Curtains Look at Parrot interview with Dan Sugalski (On Ruby blog) :
    [blog entry]
  • Parrot: Evolution by Chip Salzenberg (YAPC::NA 2006 - Chicago) :
  • Parsers, P6 Rules, PGE by Patrick Michaud (YAPC::NA 2006 - Chicago) :
  • Parrot Target Practice by Will Coleda & Patrick Michaud (YAPC::NA 2006 - Chicago) :
  • Parrot: What, where and why? by Jonathan Worthington (London Perl Workshop 2005) :
  • The Case for Virtual Register Machines by Brian Davis, Andrew Beatty, Kevin Casey, David Gregg and John Waldron (Department of Computer Science, Trinity College) :
  • Perl6 and the Parrot Virtual Machine by Fabian Fagerholm :
  • Parrot in Detail by Dan Sugalski (YAPC 2002) :
  • Perl 6 Internals Talk by Dan Sugalski (TPC5) :
    [html] [PowerPoint] [OpenOffice]
  • Extending the Slab Allocator to Many CPUs and Arbitrary Resources by Jeff Bonwick (Sun Microsystems) and Jonathan Adams (California Institute of Technology) :
  • The heavyweight parts of lightweight languages by Dan Sugalski (LL1 Little Languages Workshop) :
    [PDF] [Powerpoint]
  • Building a Multi-Language Interpreter Engine by Dan Sugalski (10th Annual Python Conference) :
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