PDS Agenda Ideas

Post your ideas for agenda items here. This is a page for brainstorming, so anything (parrot related) goes.

  • intros (not everyone has met face-to-face)
  • milestone review
  • subsystem statuses (GC, IO, embedding, etc.)
  • non-core project updates (PCT, rakudo, mod_parrot)
  • project blockers
  • roadmap to 1.0
  • brainstorming and triaging wishlist features
  • packaging discussion
  • review API, we can unflag non-API functions
  • identify documents / documentation we are missing

Specific design / implementation topics:

  • updates to :vtable, :method, :name/:ns flags
  • morphing Sub PMCs
  • replacing imcc
  • improving LexInfo
  • "make install"
  • Parrot calling conventions update
  • IO update
  • unified test harness
  • .HLL issues - getting languages into .HLL
  • long-term HLL interop
  • symbol export/import conventions
  • ugly parts of Parrot we can fix after 1.0
  • ugly parts of Parrot we must fix before 1.0
  • green field ideas way past 1.0
  • cross-compilation support (eg. for PDAs)