GSoC 2014 project - Kick off!

Hey everyone!

I am really happy to announce that my GSoC project has gotten underway! I would first like to thank everybody to have given me this wonderful opportunity to be part of the community.

My project's primary objective is to improve the performance of the method signatures. To get the hang of things and understand how method calls and GC work, I have started working on a task that requires me to optimize GC write barriers in the pmc's (

As of now, I have finished adding the required WBs, hopefully without missing any :) ..

- For methods that did not require a WB, ':no_wb' attribute has been set.
- For methods that require a WB, PARROT_GC_WRITE_BARRIER(INTERP, SELF) has been added.
- Some methods did not require a WB to be added explicitly since it was already being added through a macro or hidden in a function or through RETURN(). Such methods have been given a ':manual_wb' attribute.

To get this task up and running, the pmc2c compiler needs to be modified and improved appropriately. I am currently trying to understand how the compiler works and with rurban helping me with it, we will try to fix it in the following week.

My work can be tracked through my github repo -

That's all Folks! :)