GSoC 2014 - Report 9

Hey everyone!

Through this post, I will be sharing my progress towards the task -

I have completed the part of the task that required me to inline the CallContext ATTR accessors to omit the obj check. For now, I have manually edited include/pmc/pmc_callcontext.h to fix the macro definitions.
However, after completing the remaining task and ascertaining an improvement in speed performance, I plan to improve pmc2c to automatically generate this fix.

This week, I also faced a blocker when I was finding it difficult to export the internally needed CallContext vtable methods.
To improve my understanding, rurban helped me in fixing args.c and context.c to directly call some CallContext methods.

All this work is giving us a probable speed improvement of around 3% for now.

My objective for this week includes finding more such CallContext methods that can be called directly.

That's all folks! :)