GSoC 2: Keeping Up the Pace

Today will be very brief. I'm a bit tired as my holiday weekend was very busy.

May 30 PAST NQP Framework: Convert PAST into NQP-based files via Q:PIR constructs. This will involve splitting Node.pir into separate files for each class, providing a NQP structure for each sub and updating the build framework.

As I noted a while back, I did this in the first couple of days of work. I'm now into the process of hunting down Q:PIR blocks and replacing them with NQP (using pir:: where needed).

June 6 PAST::Node in NQP: Conversion of PAST::Node and it's seven subclasses into full NQP code.

June 13 PAST::Compiler in NQP: Convert PAST::Compiler to NQP.

I've included the next two weeks because I've actually started in on PAST::Compiler. It uses a lot more Q:PIR blocks than the node classes do but it's in NQP. The full bootstrapping made me pretty happy, actually.

I keep having timing issues talking to bacek. When last we talked, it sounded as if $life was getting in the way, which I can completely understand based on how my weekend went. Priority for this week is getting him (or somebody) to look over what I've done in detail.