Hello Parrot

Hello, My name is Rohit Jangid and I have been selected as a Google Summer of Code student.
My project is Implementing "JavaScript Compiler on Parrot". This is my first post on Parrot so I would like give a brief introduction to my project and why It's an awesome one.

I am an undergrad in Department of Computer Engineering in NSIT India.
I am doing programming from last 3 years and I'm comfortable in coding in C/C++, Java and JavaScript I'm a person of varied interests. My last year was filled with web technologies like JSP, Servlets etc. Made a Virtual ClassRoom System for IBM's TGMC contest.
My Gsoc project is focused on implementing a JavaScript compiler which will eventually be hosted on Parrot.
JavaScript's specification is defined by the EcmaScript-262's latest edition
My primary approach to this will be to modify the already existing compiler "cafe" and generate PIR code from it that will run successfully on Parrot
Detailed Process can be accessed here.

The Important points can be summarized as follows.
1) Compiling the new compiler on Nodejs to get first the executable JavaScript to PIR compiler and than the compiler in PIR code itself.
2) Compile generated PIR source code on Parrot and get Running Compiler on Parrot as the stage one.
3) Use this compiler to compiler to compile itself as a proof of successful bootstrapping.
4) add more features to it and recompile.
5) Adding Tests and Documentation at each step.

I've gone through the Welcome mail sent by the Parrot and this is my status according to that.

* My Mentor for this project is Coke.
I have talked to him briefly about the project, will discuss more details very soon.

* As far as vacations are concerned. I don't see any after 1st of June. Before that I am having my University Exam which are supposed to finish by 27th of may.

* I attended the first Parrotsketch meeting after the result announcement and will start submit reports from the next meetings onward.

* I already have an account on github and till now working on a git clone of Parrot.

* My development environment is also set on my system. Since the compiler will have its own repository on github. I'll set up it online today after discussing it with Coke.

and I can work comfortably for the next 2 weeks before the exams start.