It's a Miracle!

This week in HBDB-land was very significant. I was finally able to achieve command recognition. I had abandoned work on it for about a week because it was such a nuisance. Instead, I focused on testing which was a pain as well but it got done. Reluctantly, I returned my focus to the command parsing logic and within 5 minutes, I had solved my problem with a single ampersand. This makes me so happy.

I've also begun thinking about how tests should be organized. I currently have a few tests but they're really just quick fixes and aren't very extensible. That is why I'm organizing everything into a nice HBDB-specific test framework. Aside from making things more systematized and neat, it will also allow for future tests to be written much faster.

I think I can finally say that I've reached a comfortable point in my development. My overall design is complete and I will soon have an established framework for unit testing. All the other pieces of the puzzle should now slip right into place nice and easy. Good times lie ahead.

And now I must begin packing my bags. It's off to YAPC::NA I go. See you guys there!