It's So Close, I Can Almost Smell It

Ok, not literally. Though I wonder what code would actually smell like. Burning brain cells, maybe?

Alright, here's the scoop. I'm going to keep things brief as I eagerly want to get back to my adorable little segfaults. :)

I suppose this was a bit of a slow week. Looking back, I can't really identify why though. :\ The main thing I worked on was command recognition. I would like to be able to say to you "Yes! It works!" but at the last second it starting segfaulting. Nothing like a good ol' segfault popping up out of nowhere and killing your buzz. My mentor, cotto, suspects it may be because I'm using c-strings instead of Parrot STRING's. We'll see. It's so, so, so close though. Once I eliminate this segfault and it can properly recognize commands, I'll be good to go. I'll be at a good place where I can feel like my overall design is complete and can begin implementing various commands.

Wait. Back up. Let's re-word that. <soh_cah_toa makes rewinding noises> overall design is complete and I can begin testing. I'll be honest. I've been procrastinating about testing. I think some of my initial qualms about unit testing have gone away (thanks to bubaflub and cotto and others) but for some reason, it's still just not sitting well with me. I guess you could say I have unit testing indigestion.

The fact that my program is interactive may makes things a little more...interesting. However, IPC::Open3 was suggested to me and I think it may help. I think that once I get past that first test and begin to develop a routine, I won't be so reluctant about testing.

Well, that's about it. Now back to banging my head on...I mean, fixing that segfault. ;)