Load Source and Testing and Build Errors...Oh My!

Nothing too spectacular went on this past week. It mostly consisted of typical technical work. If I had to pick one thing that was significant, it would be that I was able to eliminate all build warnings/errors in gcc and g++. Eliminating those warnings was incredibly irritating and honestly, I don't really know how I fixed it. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I do know how I fixed it but what I don't understand is why the first method didn't work in the first place but this one does. Oh well...it works. Things can get really hairy when you're processing lots of really complex data structures and lists.

I got some excellent feedback and advice from kid51 regarding testing so I did a bit of cleaning up on that end. He was also kind enough to help me with some of the build warnings/errors I was experiencing. Kudos to you, kid51. :)

I was also able to get .pir files to compile successfully. The infamous whiteknight pointed out that the bytecode was being loaded twice if it wasn't pre-compiled. However, the real problem was something so tiny, I'm almost embarassed to explain it: I was comparing the file extension against "pbc" instead of ".pbc". Sadly, I've experienced quite a few problems like this where the solution was very small yet very obvious.

More recently, I've been working on loading/listing the source code being debugged. This is actually not as easy as it seems because there's a lot of pain in the ass pointer arithmetic involved. That's all done but the really hard part hasn't even started. I want to map each individual line to its respective opcode. I'm not really sure how to go about this so if anybody is willing to help with the design, I'd be really happy. Plus, there's major karma in it as a reward. ;)

RE: Load Source and Testing and Build Errors...Oh My!

Update: apparently, I have misused the word "infamous." Shame on me.

Let's try "the illustrious whiteknight."