Parrot-GMP: Hiatus while I move across town

My coding has been put on hold this week as I move across town and deal with some shenanigans from the landlord. The good news is that my wife and I should be able to move into our new house on Tuesday or Wednesday - the bad news is that I am currently internet-less until then. I've been working on updating the tutorial which doesn't require any internet access, just time. By this time next week I hope to complete the tutorial, have some more examples, and begin trying to get some examples in NQP or even on Rakudo.

Though not on my roadmap, one very useful task would be to refactor my test suite. Currently, all of the test files were hand written but there is an awful lot of boilerplate code. And the reality is that each test file has a similar structure and functionality - load the library (and other boilerplate), load one specific function, create some variables, call the function, and assert something about the result.

What I'm thinking is that I can have a small script that will generate these files - I can store the boilerplate in a template or configuration file and then I only have to specify some of the specifics about each test. I'm still thinking through how to design this and it's not high on my priority list (because the test suite is already done) but this would be nice when I'm going to triple the size of the library to cover the Rational and Decimal functions.