Parrot-GMP: Step #1 complete

I've just finished step one of the project: minimally parsing the header gmp.h and generating an NCI definition file that is readable by the script I'd definitely like to refactor this script into separate modules (with tests and docs) and make it usable for the larger community, but for now it suffices for the project.

One of my project's unique problems is that all of the functions are aliased - they are all #define'd at the C level. There are also a few types that are determined at compile time - that is, some sizes could be an int or a long long depending on the compiler setting. For now I have suitable defaults for those values unless we're running Parrot on Cray...

My next steps are to begin the Winxed wrapper classes and start porting the tests. I can either grab the tests from Math::GMPz or try and parse the tests that come with GMP. Both will present difficulties - Math::GMPz because the tests are in a somewhat non-standard format and GMP because I'll have to parse more C. One way or another I'll have to write a one-off script to handle getting tests for free.