Parrot 3.3.0 "Fire in the Sky" Released!

Nor is there any embarrassment in the fact that we're ridiculous, isn't it
true? For it's actually so, we are ridiculous, light-minded, with bad
habits, we're bored, we don't know how to look, how to understand, we're
all like that, all, you, and I, and they! Now, you're not offended when
I tell you to your face that you're ridiculous? And if so, aren't you
material? You know, in my opinion it's sometimes even good to be
ridiculous, if not better: we can the sooner forgive each other, the
sooner humble ourselves; we can't understand everything at once, we can't
start right out with perfection! To achieve perfection, one must first
begin by not understanding many things! And if we understand too quickly,
we may not understand well. --Fyodor Dostoevsky in The Idiot

On behalf of the Parrot team, I'm proud to announce Parrot 3.3.0,
also known as "Fire in the Sky". Parrot
is a virtual machine aimed at running all dynamic languages.

Parrot 3.3.0 is available on Parrot's FTP
, or by following the download
. For those who want to hack on Parrot or languages that run on top of Parrot,
we recommend our organization page on GitHub,
or you can go directly to the official Parrot Git repo on Github

To clone the the Parrot Git repo into a directory called 'parrot', use the following:

    git clone git://

If you want it to be in a directory other than 'parrot', then just give that as a second
argument to clone:

    git clone git:// parrot_foo

Parrot 3.3.0 News:

- Core
  + The isa and isa_pmc vtables can now be overridden from PIR
  + IMCC has a new improved external interface
  + A new IMCCompiler PMC adds prototype PDD31-alike functionality for the PIR and PASM compilers
  + New --with-llvm option to, which will link to LLVM if it is available
- Community
  + Parrot Virtual Machine was accepted into Google Summer of Code 2011
- Ecosystem
  + Rosella adds a stable "Event" library to implement a publish/subscribe mechanism
- Tests
  + The test coverage of the extend_vtable subsystem was greatly increased

The SHA256 message digests for the downloadable tarballs are:

8f474d44a0137a3fd5296c019dbccc6ae64193ff12ce799babc362567115c1ad  parrot-3.3.0.tar.bz2
99b81a84bf55a69bc3bbf8bf8dd65bee1417fd1c30c7d08c6859a7a3db892b8f  parrot-3.3.0.tar.gz

Thanks to all our contributors for making this possible, and our sponsors
for supporting this project. Our next release is 17 May 2011.