Parrot 7.1.0 "Lilian's Lovebird" released

"Recently, cases of Lilian's lovebird poisoning have intensified although it is not known why poachers are poisoning the birds. Lilian's lovebird researchers assume poachers mean to poison larger mammals and lovebirds fall victims." -

On behalf of the Parrot team, I'm proud to announce Parrot 7.1.0, also known as "Lilian's Lovebird". Parrot is a virtual machine aimed at running all dynamic languages.

Parrot 7.1.0 is available on Parrot's FTP site, or by following the download instructions. For those who want to hack on Parrot or languages that run on top of Parrot, we recommend our organization page on GitHub, or you can go directly to the official Parrot Git repo on Github

Parrot 7.1.0 News:

    - Core
        + Fix SIGBUS in GC trace_mem_block on alignment-strict CPUs (arm), #1200.
          We traced all pointers by +1 and not by +4 or +8.
    - Tests
        + Add a common GC stress test to the normal testsuite. #1189
        + Fix tests for --ccflags=-DSTRUCT_DEBUG. #1195
    - Community
        + rakudo perl6 announced to drop parrot support.

To clone the Parrot Git repo into a directory called 'parrot', use the following:

    git clone git://

If you want it to be in a directory other than 'parrot', then just give that as a second
argument to clone:

    git clone git:// parrot_foo

The SHA256 message digests for the downloadable tarballs are:

fe2cac1f5b811f36d6de7454ef1ff394ad66474f203813e5369b4dc68305964b parrot-7.1.0.tar.gz
532f0f6e348e955adca40254bd37ace9404ac40e0468ea69c16bf642bba48201 parrot-7.1.0.tar.bz2

Thanks to all our contributors for making this possible, and our sponsors for supporting this project. Our next scheduled release is at 17 Mar 2015.


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