Parrot 7.2.0 "Blue-crowned racquet-tail" released!

    This is the bright candlelit room where the life-timers are
    stored—shelf upon shelf of them, squat hourglasses, one for every
    living person, pouring their fine sand from the future into the past.
    The accumulated hiss of the falling grains makes the room roar like
    the sea.

    This is the owner of the room, stalking through it with a preoccupied air.
    His name is Death.

    But not any Death. This is the Death whose particular sphere of
    operations is, well, not a sphere at all, but the Discworld, which is
    flat and rides on the back of four giant elephants who stand on the
    shell of the enormous star turtle Great A’Tuin, and which is bounded by
    a waterfall that cascades endlessly into space.

    Scientists have calculated that the chance of anything so patently
    absurd actually existing are millions to one.

    But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine
    times out of ten.

            -- "Mort", GNU Terry Pratchett

On behalf of the Parrot team, I'm proud to announce Parrot 7.2.0, also known as "Blue-crowned racquet-tail". Parrot is a virtual machine aimed at running all dynamic languages. The blue-crowned racket-tail (Prioniturus discurus) is a parrot found on all the larger islands of the Philippines not starting with "P".

Parrot 7.2.0 is available on Parrot's FTP site, or by following the download instructions. For those who want to hack on Parrot or languages that run on top of Parrot, we recommend our organization page on GitHub, or you can go directly to the official Parrot Git repo on Github To clone the Parrot Git repo into a directory called 'parrot', use the following:

    git clone git://
If you want it to be in a directory other than 'parrot', then just give that as a second argument to clone:
    git clone git:// parrot_foo

Parrot 7.2.0 News:

    - Build
        + Fix warning on Win32 (with cl.exe)  when `link` is not explicitly set.

The SHA256 message digests for the downloadable tarballs are:

f4792fc1a82040dd855f73890de6fa26759aa62f4b4ad1aa468597592b7bf3bf parrot-7.2.0.tar.gz
74e5821155eaf29d7c1655fd3b5b90a84afe23361318242947c50f59da5918e1 parrot-7.2.0.tar.bz2

Thanks to all our contributors for making this possible, and our sponsors for supporting this project. Our next scheduled release is at 21 Apr 2015.