GSoC 2014 - Report 10

Hey everyone!

This week I completed the part of my task that required me to export the internally needed CallContext vtable methods ( These exported methods are now included in src/call/*.c to improve the performance, since these methods are now being directly called.

In the previous week, I had finished fixing the headers to omit the obj check for CallContext ATTR accessors. But I had made these changes manually by fixing include/pmc/pmc_callcontext.h.

This week I automated the above mentioned work by directly modifying pmc2c. For this I made changes to and However, I faced a few errors due to these changes but rurban's patch helped to me to fix some of them.

The remaining problems include making further changes to pmc2c so that the exported methods are correctly declared (as "un-static") in the header file. Furthermore, Parrot_CallContext_class_init needs to be added.

Tackling these problems and hence closing in on completing this task will be my objective for the coming week.

That's all folks! :)